I am José Galisteo Ruiz; I am working at Silverfin as a backend developer.

You can find me on Github and contact me on jose.galisteo.ruiz@gmail.com.


My own projects

  • MarkdownTable: Svelte project, generate and edit markdown tables. More info.
  • TurboComponent: This project explores the idea of components not only in terms of view, like view_component or cells, but it also includes server actions required for the component.
  • MegazordFS: It is a fuse-based filesystem that creates a virtual volume backed by several devices, totally unstable, just for learning.
  • Bario: Redis-based nested progress bars to follow the progress of asynchronous tasks.
  • OhMyChart: Small rails app that allows saving queries against a database, expose the response as JSON or embeddable charts.
  • FuseTorrent: Allow to mount several torrents as a fuse filesystem.
  • VCR-Proxy: Web proxy based on Sinatra and VCR to record and replay all the HTTP requests, useful for end-to-end tests.
  • VIMO: Rails engine that allows your users to create and customize their own virtual models.
  • HAML-jets: Add Haml support to Jets.
  • api-proxy-openresty: OpenResty bootstrap ready for development and deployment on Heroku.
  • Tetris Arduino: Better watch the linked video.
  • I18n Dashboard: It’s a small dashboard to handle i18n keys backed in Redis. There is a mess with the forks, but you can check the commits to corroborate that I am the author.
  • Radius-template: Ruby on Rails wrapper around radius gem.

3D print things