KeepThisSite is a small side project to manage my bookmarks.

I was looking for something that would let me run a full-text query over the content of the sites, create snapshots (image and HTML) and let me integrate it with my browser (Firefox), so instead of spending some minutes looking for existing services, I started my own…

Ultimately, it is a great excuse to work with technologies I like and experiment with several things.

At the moment, the main features are:

  • Full-text search, based on Postgres. I want to write something about pg_search and beyond.
  • Import Firefox bookmarks
  • Quick post with a Bookmarklet, made with my bookmarklet generator
  • Display mentions in HackerNews

And pretty soon, I would like to release the following:

  • Firefox (and maybe Chrome) addon with several functionalities, but it has yet to be ready.
  • A system to allow users to export (and import) their data in an SQLite file.

There are other features I would like to implement in the future:

  • Fetch transcriptions from YouTube, and maybe download the video
  • Enqueue captures on the Wayback machine, but the rate limits are unclear to me…
  • Inject results on leading search motors via the web extension
  • Something with LLM; everything has a LLM integration now, but it would be expensive: summarizing, auto-tagging…