Hello again! I’m excited to announce the release of the MVP for Docmati.com over the last weekend.

I created this service to help friends who struggle with generating custom docx documents from templates and populating them with data from CSV or Excel files. Even with existing office tools, this process can be quite complicated for some users.

Features of Docmati’s MVP

Docmati’s MVP provides only the essential functionality, keeping things simple and streamlined. As user interest grows, I plan to implement additional features, such as:

  • PDF generation
  • Support for more template formats, like presentations or spreadsheets
  • Additional input formats, such as spreadsheets
  • Enhanced data source configuration
  • Email delivery with attachments
  • APIs and webhooks integration

Why the Name Docmati?

I chose the name Docmati because it has a nice ring to it and is easily pronounceable in various languages. The “doc” portion of the name references the docx format and the generation of documents, while “mati” stands for automatic. It also reminds me of “mate” if you’re not a native English speaker.

Docmati Logo

Design is my passion, I combined two icons from bootstrap-icons to create an emo-bot that represents the fusion of docx and bot icons.

Docmati’s Design

I chose Bootstrap for the MVP design because of its simplicity and customizability. Although I experimented with Tailwind, I found that it required more time investment in design for an MVP. In the future, I may consider customizing the color scheme.

Docmati’s Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • GoodJob for background job processing

Email Integration

For transactional emails, I’m using SendGrid. I’ve also implemented a basic integration with Gmail and Cloudflare, allowing me to send and receive emails at “hello@docmati.com.” I plan to document this process in the future.

The landing page…

It’s not great I know, but it’s not my fault, ChatGPT created the basic layout in HAML :D

Wrapping Up for Now

That’s all the information I have to share at this time.